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Some people might think it is crazy to build a house just for the bird to stay. Following story from Malaysia would change your mind.


I am a semi retired man and wud like to enjoy doing something that brings good money.One important rule that everyone must follow is to get ready for your retirement years.U can start either tomorrow or much better, today.

The best is to look seriously into creating a multiple sources of income.In my case, I do take a good look at my current financial standing and what are the potential source of income(s).One of the best so far which I greatly enjoyed, with little effort, is the Birnest Farming (Swiftlet) project.
I got one and plan to increase one every year.Birdhouse Farming is unique. The main advantages as compared to investing into a conventional business are:

1) The amount to invest is low. Around RM120,000 to buy a worned down shoplot, 2 stories, and renovate to attract bird to nest. Renovation is about 20K per floor (estimated). Total outlay is RM160,000. (U can take a bank loan if U know them well).

2) Monthly utility cost(electricity and water only) is very low. Roughtly about 10-20 ringgit.

3) If U compare with a conventional business U will have no monthly fees to feed the birds or so except your monthly payment to service your loan. There are no Salaries to be paid, no EPF, no Socso, No holidays, No allowances, No medical leaves, No matenity leave, no retirement fees and no etc etc etc. My employee is actually the birds. They come into the house on their own accord. No contract and no letter of appointment. The best is that they never talk bad about you or back stab U. U let them use your shoplot to nest and the will eventually say thank U by leaving their nest for us to harvest continuously until they die.

4) U only need to check on a monthly basis on the condition of the birdcall music and water spray.

5) Once the bird start to make their nest, you will now hit a jackpot. Your income will steadily increases or multiply by 3 every year. (Note the birds will reproduce every 4 months ie 3 times a year.)Beside that your birdnest house value will start to climb in value base on the number of nest that U have in it. Let say U have a hundred nests. Each nest, rule of the thumb,will be worth RM1000. As an example.: If U pay 120K for the shoplot and 40K for the renovation of the two floors and U now have 100 nests, the value is 120K + 40K + 100 nests X 1000 = RM260,000. If the next year U have 200 nests, the value now is 260,000 + 100,000 = 360,000.No other business can multiply your asset value as fast as this Birdnest business.

6) You can harvest the nest once in every 3 months in the beginning and slowly to 2 months. The best is to start harvesting after the first year of operation. Allow the bird to settle down and breed and multiply to a reasonable numbers. Every 120 nests ie 1 kilo is equivalent to 4,000 - 7,000 Ringgit, depending of the quality and shape of the nests.

7) If you are lucky by year 5 after the 1st nest was built, U will earn about 120,000 ringgit every harvest assumming that you will harvest about 50 kilo of birdnest. This is equivalent to 60,000 a month income doing absolutely nothing.

8) U can then start to multiply the number of units to the maximum from the income U receive.I guarantee U that U will be a millionaire within 10 years of operation. This guarantee is subject to U following some petinen rules and regulations that most birdnest farmers do.


You can work out the dollar bits by converting the ringgit to any equivalent currencies. The set up and running fee in Pontianak will be lower than Malaysia.

For those who are seeking for passive income or having extra money for investment, swiftlet farming is a long term guarantee which could provide better return than general housing.
Lastly let me recommend the reader to some websites that give a very good information on the technical part of the farming:

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