Sunday, July 6, 2008


View to the Lake from Inside Restaurant

Swiftlet bird (known as 'Walet' in Indonesia) farming is one of the fastest growing businesses in the area. On 2006, it was estimated there are 111 of Swiftlet houses in Pontianak city alone and the number is growing quickly.

Generally, bird nest product from Borneo is of high quality and suitable for export purpose.

Not long after the resort was completed, we noticed that our place has become favourite spot for the swiftlets. In the afternoon, you can always see hundreds of them hovering on the sky and our restaurant.

Last year, we decided to give this business a try. We just completed one house at the end of February 2008. In just 4 months of operation, there are at least 50 nests in the house. For those who are familiar with the farming, this number is certainly encouraging.

Now on the 9th month of operation, our bird nest count hits 200 nests and is considered one of the best performer in the region.

Our Newly Built Swallow House

After careful investigation and study, there few aspects that make our area suitable for farming.
  • Our region is the main feeding ground for the swallow birds. Features such as paddy field, coconut and other tropical trees are the native environment for the swiftlets which live in flocks along the seaside and consume the wild insects.

  • High population of the swiftlets nearby, meaning the original habitat is within close vicinity. We belive this is a significant aspect in choosing the right location for farming. Swiftlets live in colonies and they don't travel too far from the natural habitat unless their 'homes' are disturbed. Generally, those birds that decide to stay in the man-made house are the younger generation. Having no other competitors inside our resort area is another advantage.

  • The creation of the 1 ha man-made lake has turned into the drinking and playing pond for the swiftlets. They like to dive onto the water surface to either catch food, drink or even let their feathers wet to bring home water for their babies. You can spot them generally early in the morning.

  • Having our area way outside the city region is another benefit for ensuring long term investment. On 25 November 1996, Local Government Regulation no. 13 was issued (or 'Perda Kota Pontianak Nomor 13 Tahun 1996'). It outlines a set of regulation in carrying out swiftlet farming inside Pontianak city. One of the rule mentions the must for the bird house to be approximately 2 to 5 km from residential area and forbids its presence in the CBD. It also basically forbids any new bird house farming to be carried out inside the city as it is already packed with residential area. In addition, our area is far away from any residential house which ensures no disturbance to the nearby neighbours.

Other supporting infrastructure that is available on site such as:

  • Well-maintained rural highway which connect the capital city, Pontianak to Jungkat town allowing travel time of less than half an hour by car or approximately 19km.

  • Our resort, Jungkat Beach, is fully equipped with all necessary supporting facilities such as electricity line, water supply and has mobile coverage in most area.

Entrance to Jungkat Beach

Inside Jungkat Beach
  • The resort boundary is properly secured by the fence made of blockwall and we have 24hr security on site.

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